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Twilight of the Spanish Empire (CEC)

The World Turns Upside Down L13

In lesson 13 of this Texas History Course, we will examine the beginnings of Mexican Independence movement as well as the legacies of Spain in America. Students will also learn Bourbon Reforms in Europe effected Tejas, as well as how the American Revolution effect the Spanish frontera.

Learning Objectives for Lesson 13

  • The causes of Spanish failures in New Spain
  • How the Bourbon Reforms changed New Spain
  • How the Comanches dominated the South Plains
  • How the American Revolution affected Texas
  • How the Spanish maintained peace with the Comanches
  • How the United States began to affect Texas
  • The exploits of Philip Nolan as a particular American “type” in Texas
  • The Legacies of Spain in America
  • Father Hidalgo and the beginnings of Mexican independence
  • The implications of Mexican Independence on the Comanche Empire

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