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Reorganizing La Frontera (CEC)

Spanish Twilight L12

Spanish Twilight is the title for lesson 12. We will explore how the Spanish frontier was reorganization due to political changes in North America after the French and Indian War. The role of Marques de Rubi will be examined, as well as the French explorers and expanding power of the Comanche Empire will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives for Lesson 12

  • The reorganization of the Spanish frontier in light of the changing political geography of North America following the French and Indian War
  • The role played by The Marqués de Rubí
  • How the Comanches created an empire amid this time of change
  • The role played by French explorers in Spanish Texas in the late 1700s
  • How Comanche trade patterns established them as the dominant power on the South Plains
  • The war between the Spanish and Comanches, and how it ended
  • How settlement patterns occurred within Spanish Texas

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