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The Other Empresarios (CEC)

Empresarios (1827-1829) L18

In lesson 18, you will learn about how political unrest disrupted settlement in Texas, how the American image made Texans hard to manage, and how Mexican officials chose to fix the Texas issue in 1828.

Learning Objectives for Lesson 18

  • About later empresarios
  • About how the growing confusion in Mexico City affected American immigration in Texas
  • How the Mexican federalists manipulated Mexican politics to maintain their hold on power
  • How the immigration of Americans began the skew the situation in Texas
  • How the American “character” made Texians difficult to manage
  • About General Mier y Teran and his travels in Texas
  • The recommendations made by General Mier y Teran about how to manage Texas-American immigrants
  • About Texian concerns about instability in Mexico

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