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The Things They Carried (CEC)

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This Tennessee long rifle was made in Bull City by John Bull for William B. Rodgers who was on his way to Texas. The rifle, in great condition, is a .48-calibre rifle with an octagon barrel 42 inches long. Originally produced as a flintlock, it was converted to cap and ball around 1845. Made of cherry wood, it has an iron patch box and a silver triangle check piece and pick holder for cleaning from its flintlock days.

There is an engraving stating: John Bull for Wm B Rodgers FOR TEXAS

Settling in Nacogdoches, Rodgers served in many of the early conflicts of the Texas Revolution. He was with Edward Burleson at the Siege of BĂ©xar and was listed in the Red River Rangers muster rolls. Rodgers later became justice of the peace in his hometown of Nacogdoches.