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The Gutierrez-Magee Expedition (1812-1813) (CEC)

What followed was a rampage of retaliation among the population of Texas. Spanish troops targeted anyone suspected of having harbored or aided the Republic troops with swift execution. Thousands of civilians across Tejas died at the hands of Royalists troops, many more than would die in subsequent turmoil. Thousands, including Béxareños José Francisco Ruiz and José Antonio Navarro fled into the United States.

Tejas, so carefully cultivated as a Spanish borderland for more than a century, had been nearly cut back to the root by this Spanish reign of terror. Many of the founding Tejano families abandoned the region, others disintegrated as fathers, husbands, and sons fell beneath the Royalist muskets. By 1814, Spanish Texas was a mere shadow of its previous state, and would remain diminished until more people arrived to once again make its fields and rangeland productive.