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Quaternary Extinction Event (CEC)

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Quaternary Extinction Event, 11,500 BC to 10,000 BC

  • Thirty-three genera of animals disappear
  • Twelve large herbivore families (American Horse, Western Camel, Ground Sloth, Mammoth, Mastadon, etc.)
  • Five┬álarge carnivore families (Dire Wolf, Short-Faced Bear, Sabre-Toothed Cat, etc.)
  • May have been a natural cycle (North Atlantic Conveyor)
  • May have been an unusual occurrence (space weather/asteroid/volcanoes)
  • Human hunting over killed weakened species
  • Average temperature dropped eighteen degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ended with a fifteen year warm up to pre-Younger Dryas levels.
  • May have killed off the Clovis people