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The Arrival of American Settlers (CEC)

Empressarios L16

In lesson 16 we will explore the role of empresarios in settling Texas, who they were, and why Mexico preferred this system in Texas. American settlers will as seek opportunity in Mexico during this period, as Mexican politics become divided between centralist and federalist ideologies.

Learning Objectives for Lesson 16

  • The role of empresarios in settling Texas
  • What incentives attracted empresarios
  • What incentives attracted settlers under the empresario system
  • The locations of empresario colonies and Texian and Tejano towns
  • What sort of people became empresarios
  • Why Mexico would pursue the empresario system
  • What kinds of people did Mexico want to settle in Texas
  • What American settlers expected from Mexico
  • How Mexican politics affected American immigration
  • The differences between Mexican centralists and federalists

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