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The Ancient Indians (CEC)

Archaic Indians Period L5

Ever wonder about the first major native civilizations in North America? Discover the role climate change had on shaping the populations of native cultures in Texas, and learn the rise and fall of early Indian civilizations. Explore early tools and war technologies, artistic expression, and cultures of early Texas Indians. You’ll learn all this and much more in the Archaic Indians Period lesson.

Learning Objectives for Lesson 5

  • Study the emergence of the first major native civilizations in North America;
  • Discover the story behind the Anasazi, Mogollon, and Mississippian peoples;
  • Learn about the effects of climate change on early human populations in Texas and North America;
  • Investigate the different periods of Texas human pre-history during the Archaic periods;
  • Examine the rise and fall of early Indian civilizations before contact with Europeans;
  • Unearth early tools, artistic expression, and culture of early Texas Indians;
  • Understand the physics behind the atlatl and warclub technologies.

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