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Texas in the Civil War (CEC)

Texas in the American Civil War L35

In Lesson 35 in Texas History, you will learn about opposing views of slavery in the North and South, learn how the election of 1860 affected Texas, discover Texas path to secession and Texas contributions to the Civil War, and finally how the outcome of the War effected Texas.

Learning Objectives for Lesson 35

  • Compare North and South views of slavery
  • Learn how Texas felt about slavery
  • Discover how the Election of 1860 affected Texas
  • Explore Texas’ road to secession and reactions to this action
  • Discover Texas contributions and resources in the Civil War
  • Learn the importance of 1863 in respect to slavery and the Civil War
  • Explore Texas Civil War battles and what Texas gained and lost from the conflict
  • Discover why Texas was an ideal spot for POWs and about life in Camp Ford

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