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Bringing Order to Texas (CEC)

Texas Looks to its Future L38

In this 38th Lesson in Texas History we will learn of the successes and failures of Reconstruction, the Texas economy between 1865 and 1880, the state of the Comanche Empire during this period, and the status of education and population in Texas between 1865- 1880.

Learning Objectives for Lesson 38

  • Describe the success or failure of Reconstruction
  • Learn the status of the Texas economy from 1865-1880
  • Discover where Texas lived from 1865-1880 and what cities were the largest
  • Learn why Texas was violent during this period
  • Learn what happened to the Comanches during and after the Civil War
  • Explore the role of the Texas Rangers during this violent period in Texas
  • Identify the status of higher education from 1860-1889

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