Passing of the Texas Frontier Part C 1920s

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Learn about the passing of Texas Frontier in this Texas short-course

TXST 3321: Frontier Texas (Part 3, the 1920s)

Change! Conflict! The 1920s proved to be the real end of the frontier as modernity caught up with the isolated towns, farms, and ranches on the Texas frontier. World War I (1914-1918) had done much to demonstrate the realities of this new, and brutal, age, and many folks longed for the simplicity of an earlier age.

Funny thing was, the grandchildren had no real memory of the “good ol’ days” and most had grown up in an age when going for a long train ride to some big city was not at all uncommon. Why would you ever hitch the old nag to the buggy when you could take the tin lizzie?

“The kids these days,” griped the old timers, “with all their new music, strange slang, and new-fangled ideas.”

The frontier was passing away. Yet . . . new frontiers awaited.


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